Dani Van de Sande

Dani Van de Sande is a first generation American entrepreneur, creative director, growth marketer, and the Founder of Unidentified Landed Object (ULO).

Dani believes technology is about more than utility - that it has the power to unlock humanity’s creative potential. She is focused on leveraging the metaverse to improve our experience as humans, to enable virtual worlds that inspire and deepen connections with ourselves and others.

After a VR experience in 2016 that set the tone for her career, she began to work with artists and consult with brands like Microsoft, CAA, Whalerock, Survios, SEMA, Art Miami, Federal Mogul on new mediums and ways technology can merge with creativity to enhance stories and experiences for many.

This led to an incredible role at Snap Inc where she helped launch and lead two critical endeavors for the company; first, around IPO, bringing the mobile advertising product to market that became core revenue driver for the company; and then, leading the creator community for Lens Studio, one of the most powerful mobile AR toolsets in the world.

Dani left Snap to start Unidentified Landed Object (ULO) Spaces, which transformed empty retail space into digital canvases for immersive experiences, partnering with top digital artists and featured in publications like Rolling Stone to Spectrum News. Today, ULO is a community-focused metaverse studio serving as a bridge between the early adopters of Web3 and the consumer brands of tomorrow. ULO is technically still in stealth but has already built virtual experiences for the likes of Chrome Hearts and Drake, collaborating with major brands and DAOs, and is developing its own community of virtual world enthusiasts.

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